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Quick Stats

Jobs Filled by new southern vermonters

Total Degrees Evaluated 

Average Wage 

Credentials Earned 

 businesses started 

6 Employer trainings with over 50 employers

Welcoming Workplaces:
New Vermonters in the Workplace

Vermont Employment Pathfinder

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Skill alignment and skill development are key to helping
people earn more, learn more, and turn a job into a long-
term, livable-wage career.
It’s almost impossible to sort
through job requirements, local postings, and all of the relevant
educational options needed to start a career or take it to the
next level.

Vermont Employment Pathfinder (VEP) is a web-based app that
leverages innovative AI technology to connect a person’s real-
world experiences and skills to real opportunities in
Vermont, and will even build your resume for you.

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